Norton 2023 Antitrack Anti Track 1 Device 1 Year

Norton 2023 Antitrack Anti Track 1 Device 1 Year (1PC / 1Year)

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  • INCREASE PRIVACY , Goes beyond private browsing or VPNs, helping prevent companies profiling you in way other tools don’t.
  • BROWSE MORE PRIVATELY, disguises your digital footprinit to prevent websites form tracking and profiling
  • BROWSE WITHOUT INTERRUPTION, designed to let you seamlessly browse without disruption sacrificing speed.
  • ANTI –FINGERPRINTING;  Masks unique identifiers which helps stop companies form sharing your online behaviours with third parties.
  • TRACKER & COOKIE BLOCKING ; Blocks Treckers before your page starts to load which means
    web pages load faster. Detects tracking cookies and helps block them form collecting data.
  • TRACKING DASHBOARD ; Provides visibility and stats on tracking attempts and ranks them by
    level of concern.


Not all features are available on all devices or operating systems.norton, Anti Track Supports windows  PC and mac Internet connection required , high speed connection recommended. For detailed system requirements,information and latest features: //www.norton.com/syserq

Support: // support.norton.com    

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